Rapture Market Closes It’s Doors Over Hack

Over the past several weeks DNM users have been unable to access the popular Darknet Market known as Rapture Market. Visiting any of the official Rapture Market links loads nothing beyond the generic “Down for Maintenance” page.

With little news emerging from the site admin’s, there has been plenty of speculation and FUD across various forums in regards to Rapture Market’s status.

2 weeks ago a post was made in Dread which offered some hopes of seeing a reemergence of the market in the near future. However, that glimmer of a return for Rapture Market has been silenced given a recent post by Rapture Market’s Head of Staff, LegalAmigo.

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Dear Rapture users & fellow Dread members.

It is with deep regret that we have to make this announcement.
We believe Rapture has come to an end.

We have not heard from LetsWork & have spent many messages trying to establish contact or status updates on the market.
This is because of an exploit which allowed an attacker to steal 8 Bitcoins out of the wallet, out of the total 11.

The day this happened we were speaking with LetsWork trying to think of possible resolutions, and the last 3 coins were moved from the market server for what we assumed was safer storage.
We were told that there was investors in the market who would replace the funds, and that he was waiting on the coins to do so.

There were some back & forth messages which were fruitless to the state of the market or the future and it has now been 7 days since any of the Amigo team has received contact from LetsWork.

There is still a possibility the market could come back but we are no longer holding up false hope & we felt 7 days was a fair figure to call game set match. It is not fun to write this statement, as I am sure it is not fun for any of our users to read it also, especially anybody who lost coins or money which they rely on.

This is no hate intended towards LetsWork, as it was clear to us all along he is not the owner of the market, just a gate to said person, and we feel the situation is most likely out of his hands. We believe the investors hold the cards here but it is a shame to receive no contact from LetsWork.

The Amigo team would like send all our users our best wishes, we hope you are not greatly affected by your losses. We hope you understand we took our jobs for the sole reason of providing the best market support possible. We always did our best to settle your disputes and resolve your tickets. We can assure you we have no great take from this either and I am sure you can see by the amount of Bitcoin stolen we were not being paid much at all and we ourselves are now out of a job.

LetsWork, if you are reading this we wish you all the best, and hope the market can come back with peoples funds at some point.


Source: http://dreadditevelidot.onion/post/fbed51814bf5a246d75d

Rapture Market Hacked

Given the most recent post on the status of Rapture Market, it appears any chance of a return is very unlikely.  We are now removing Rapture Market from our List of Darknet Markets. If any additional information becomes public we will post it on our Rapture Market page as we will continue to follow the story on this popular Darknet Market.

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